Lagun table frame

Lagun - The classic from Sweden!

  • On the market for over 40 years

    The Lagun table frame has been around for over 40 years. It has its origins in romantic Sweden. Since then, it has been sold hundreds of thousands of times and is used worldwide in campers, boats, emergency vehicles and many other places.

  • High quality, directly from Europe

    The flexible camping table is manufactured directly in Sweden and partly assembled in Sweden and Germany. This ensures high quality, short communication channels and fast support - both for end customers and for our numerous business partners. Because quality always comes first for us!

  • Versatile, flexible, modern

    With its numerous functionalities, the Lagun table frame can be used in a variety of places. Ideal wherever there is little space and you want to take down a table and put it to the side. The Lagun has its own unique features. And for even more freedom, take a look at our smart accessory products!

FAQ about the Lagun table

Lagun table frame alternatives

As with any good product, many copies and replicas of the Lagun table have appeared on the market over the last few years. These are generally NOT compatible with the Lagun extensions and replacement parts. In addition, these are often not pre-assembled. This means that the customer is exposed to the assembly without any experience or prior knowledge. We also receive regular feedback from customers about the poor quality of the parts and the short lifespan. We strongly advise B2B customers in particular not to do this, as warranty problems can often cause great damage.

Which Lagun leg is right for me?

In general, the table leg in our standard set with a length of 500mm fits most customers. The mounting plate can be mounted at any height on the piece of furniture/seat box or kitchen unit. In addition, the leg can be attached to the plate again with slight room for movement up and down. Longer leg lengths (700mm or 900mm) are often only of interest for boats or for installation locations for the mounting plate that are in close proximity to the floor. The 700mm Lagun leg is often ideal, especially for particularly high seat boxes.

How do I expand my Lagun table horizontally?

If one arm length (400mm) is not enough, a second arm can help. All you need is an additional arm in the appropriate color and a connecting bolt that connects both arms. This gives you even more flexibility and allows you to use the table in even more places in the vehicle. Please note that the increased leverage creates more force on the frame. This changes the stability. Please ensure a strong rear wall in advance when installing the mounting plate. We have additional back wall reinforcement for this purpose.

How big can my table top be and how much weight can it support?

That depends on how your overall setup is set up. We recommend a table top size of 500x700mm - also to make assembly/disassembly of the table easier. Please keep in mind that if the table top is too large, you will have to handle a lot of weight each time you set it up and take it down. Solid oak wood panels are stylish, but not so practical when camping ;).

The weight with which you can load your Lagun table is approximately 20KG. A little less for larger table tops and/or additional arms. Please make sure your grip is always properly tightened!

What do I do if the handles are on the wrong side?

Not every expansion is the same, so there is not always room for the Lagun handles. As standard we mount all handles on the right side. To do this, look at the table frame from the front when the Lagun table is assembled. Both the arm and the leg have the handles on the right side when viewed from the front. To have the handles mounted on the other side, simply add the assembly service to your order. If you would like to request a change later, please send us a contact request with your details. Please note that if you reassemble or modify handles yourself, you will lose the warranty.

Where can I find the operating and assembly instructions?

- Thats what our customers say -

Very satisfied, stable and very variable. I bought an extra arm to have even more freedom of movement.

Christopher S.

Quality is simply great, table extension works great!!!

Michael S.

Very good quality of the coating! Fast processing of confirmation and shipping. Item was not available and was shipped to us immediately after receipt of the goods! \nP.S.: the longer support leg in matt black would be an addition to your range. \nAlways happy!

Philip R.

The best rotating and folding mounting plate that I could find after a long research, I am satisfied!

Torsten B.

In addition to the table frame, I bought a second mounting plate. This means I can set up the table inside when the weather is bad and simply eat outside in the cockpit when the weather is great. Very practical and well made!

Alexander M.

Good quality product. Use it as an extension. Deduction due to the unstable connection to the table frame and the relatively high price. But the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

Jörg R.

I would give 10 stars if I could... Other dealers can learn a lesson from that. Great support, delivered quickly, everything was great. You can also buy respect again

Christian K.

The right part to be able to use the Lagun table even more flexibly. Very good.\r\nAdvice from Camping Pioneers on this was very good.

Othmar T.

Well thought out system.

Stefan G.

How do I assemble the Lagun table?

Assembling the Lagun table frame is super easy and hardly any tools are required. All you need is a cordless screwdriver/drill, bits, a wrench and a pencil. In the following video you can see how exactly the assembly works.

Lagun table frame in matt black - Black Edition 2023
Lagun table frame in matt black - Black Edition 2023Lagun table frame in matt black - Black Edition 2023