About Us

The pioneers - the team

We love camping. We are camping. Our pioneers are looking for new, innovative products for you every day for your perfect camping experience. Based in the heart of Thuringia and northern Bavaria, we work closely with manufacturers and prefer to list products that are manufactured in Europe. Away from global – towards local! Local companies support us in the production of high-quality materials, and close contact with the camping industry keeps us up to date. All with one goal: to make exciting products available to you quickly and with a high standard!

Starting in 2021. We're photo shy! Our team has grown by +3 people since then, new photos will follow as soon as we can fire up the grill again ;)!

The founders

Having been in the van life for years, the two combine a lot of camping experience with technical know-how and create camping pioneers in 2021. As of 2024, over 20,000 vehicles with equipment from our company are traveling around the world

The site

We do our logistics 100% in-house - not a given in this day and age of dropshipping and fulfillment. This gives us the opportunity to implement spontaneous customer requests and carry out collections at various pickup points. You can find a detailed explanation of this under the “Pickup” menu item.

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