*B-Stock* Lagun table frame with 900 mm table leg

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The standard Lagun leg is not enough for you? Have you installed your mounting plate very low, but still want to use the table at the optimal height?

Then you are exactly right here! This Lagun set contains all parts of the standard package. Only the leg comes with a length of 900 mm instead of the “normal” 500 mm.

Recommendation for Lagun table mount:

If you want to use the flexible table mount in different places in the camper/boat, we recommend ordering an additional mounting plate. You can find another replacement arm here in the shop.

If the back wall is not stable enough for the mounting plate, the Lagun wooden plate for reinforcing the wall is a solution. This is particularly recommended for boats, campers usually have sufficiently stable mounting options. If you want to be even more flexible and use your table top with a folding function, you can find the rotating under-table mounting plate here in the shop.

You can find out more about the Lagun in this summary or in the assembly and operating instructions



  • 4.4kg

DANGER! ALWAYS dismantle your table frame while driving! The leg can remain assembled, but the arm with table top MUST be removed. Otherwise, the many small vibrations will cause damaging friction, which will cause long-term damage to the connection between the arm and leg.

scope of delivery

TheLagunSetis pre-assembled and contains:

  • 1x swivel arm
  • 1x table leg (900 mm, supplied separately)
  • 1x mounting plate for the wall
  • 1x attachment for the table top
  • 1x screw pack
  • 3x handles for locking, black
  • Washers to compensate for crooked walls (made of plastic)

A notice:

  • Withouttable top. This can be purchased separately.
  • Hurry, only 2 items left in stock!
*B-Stock* Lagun table frame with 900 mm table leg
*B-Stock* Lagun table frame with 900 mm table leg
*B-Stock* Lagun table frame with 900 mm table leg
*B-Stock* Lagun table frame with 900 mm table leg